Local. National. International. An accomplished, adroit, audio technician / field engineer.

Fully-owned, fully-rigged over-the-shoulder, audio packages:

Sound Devices 788T / CL8 ⋅ 744T ⋅ 633

Sound Devices 552 ⋅ 302 ⋅ Mix-pre; Cooper cs104

Lectrosonics 411a ⋅ 210d ⋅ 195 ⋅ SRb - 8 units.

Sanken COS-11 ⋅ Sonotrim lavaliers.

Schoeps MK41

Sennheiser MKH50 ⋅ MKH 60's - on 8' to 16' poles. (w/ full zeppelins)

Lectrosonics 411a audio wireless links to multi camera
- w/ various full-format camera mounts. [e.g.: Anton Bauer / BEC box(s), etc.]

Sennheiser G3 scratch audio wireless links to multi DSLR
- w/ Rycote accessory extension shoe mounts.

Zaxcom IFB200 / ERX2TCD scratch "audio and timecode" wireless link
- w/ DSLR mount(s) - And / Or Sennheiser Mke 400 - Small, lightweight mics.

Denecke TS-C, TS-3 timecode slates. (w/ radio links for playback, etc)

Lectrosonics T2 /R1a wireless headsets / IFB.
(Can be used for scratch audio 'mono' wireless audio link to camera(s.)

Zaxcom IFB200 / ERX2TCD audio wireless headsets / IFB.

Sound Devices HX3 - multi-headphone amplifiers (x2) (For video village.)

MP3 timecode audio transcripts - w/ FTP upload. (Striped or, stamped.)

Peter Engh's Omnigoose™  and,  Sanken Cub-01

. . . For multi-camera, multi format verite-style -

HD Video camera systems and, DSLR workflows -

On Documentary; Lifestyle; Observational; Actuality; Reality -
And now ... 'web-based,' projects.
(Engineered kits for Corporate; Industrial; Commercials; Live-shots and, ENG Network News.)

I am not rigged for cart-based mixing of Feature Films; Indies -
Or, Long-Form Narratives for Episodic Television.


I've been in the industry since 1980. I went full freelance in 1986.

Prior to New Mexico - I worked in the Washington D.C. -
And, Hawaii markets.

And now ... (for over 18 years) -
A respected member of the New Mexico Film Community.

An accomplished, adroit, field technician / audio engineer.

Non Union. Non-smoker.   (No tattoos. Nor, piercings.)

A seasoned, veteran traveler.